Farewell to Dr. Theresa Marie Sweeney [26. Jun. 2014 - 11:44]
Theresa Sweeney was a self-taught artist. Born in Rochester, New York, she took to art as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. Throughout her childhood, Theresa developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. She spent many happy hours playing in the field behind her house and down by the pond at the end of her street. Catching frogs, making daisy chains, and camping under the stars, her “home” was the natural world. Years of artistic expression and enjoying Nature made it clear that her life would be centered upon her passions. In 2002, she earned her Ph.D. in Applied Ecopsychology from Akamai University, Hawaii, and the Doctor of Education from San Juan de la Cruz in Costa Rica.
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Akamai/EDS MBA Graduate Excels in Industry [26. Jun. 2014 - 11:41]
A Testimonial by 2012 Akamai/EDS MBA Graduate Sam Sir Yong ,  Managing Director, Industrial System Supply & Engineering Services

Sam Sir Yong, is the Managing Director at Industrial System Supply & Engineering Services Sdn. Bhd. (ISSES), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  He received the MBA degree with honors upon completion of the degree via the award winning EDS Business School, a long-term educational affiliate of Akamai University.  ISSES Technology is a total solution system house for the wet paint line, powder coating and any other finishing requirement in the wide spectrum of automotive, electrical, home appliances and other general industries.   The vision and of Industrial System Supply & Engineering Services is to be a pre-eminent engineering company in our core business by providing superior value of products and services to our customers. ISSES has subscribed to a long tradition of excellence in engineering, design, manufacturing.

Thank you to my Pastor Rev. Simon Chow, whom has introduced to me and encouraged me to study for this MBA these past two and one half years., because before that I had little interest and time for such study.  I had felt there was little I could learn in school that I could not  learn from the day-to-day business environment.  After I have studies and completed the hard-earned MBA degree, I realize I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and benefits
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What Akamai and EDS Business School Stand For [26. Jun. 2014 - 11:37]
Testimonial by Prof. Dr. Daphne M. Tequillo-Mallari, 2012 Graduate in PhD in  Management

My enrollment in the Akamai PhD in Management program with its educational partner, EDS Business School (EDS) in Malaysia started more on curiosity than on knowledge building.  Being a Certified Public Accountant whose inclination is on the practicalities of life, I tend to look more on providing solutions to problems rather than on building theories. Thus, similar to other people from my profession, getting a higher education degree was low on my priority list..

My stay at Akamai/EDS, however, expanded my paradigm. The school designed a curriculum in small packages consisting of workable theories that are easy to assimilate, are highly practical and mentally stimulating. Designed for executives and professionals, the program may be completed in a year or two depending on the amount of effort and concentration one is able to give..
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American College of Clinical Engineering Awards Dr. James O. Wear the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award [26. Jun. 2014 - 11:32]
Professor Dr. James O. Wear, PhD, CCE, CHSP, FACCE, FASHE, and FAIMBE, FAIC, a respected and longstanding senior member of the Akamai University faculty leadership has been and continues to be a contributor to the CE community for the past 45 years. His major contributions include teaching, publishing, and consulting in areas of professional skills development, both technical and managerial.  He is one of the founding members of ACCE.

Since his first job in healthcare in 1956, Jim has built a career from Arkansas.  With a BS, MS, and PhD in Chemistry from the University (UARK, 1962), Jim joined the VA in 1965, and became involved with Lab devices in 1966.  He directed the VA CE-HTM Education and Training Center from there 1974 to 1997, while also chairing UAMS BIT program.  With colleagues, he created Scientific Enterprises, Inc., that published the first CE teaching periodical in 1969.  Many an older CE got their early training in hospital safety and engineering management from this source.  Jim continues to answer questions from subscribers today. He continued in other VA educational leadership roles until 2007, and was Visiting Professor in Hong Kong in health technology (HT)/ informatics in 2007.
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Ambassadors College Celebrates Sixth Anniversary [26. Jun. 2014 - 11:26]
Ambassadors (University) College, was established during May of 2008. and formally initiated  lectures September 1, 2008. The College has both local and international recognition with the Ghana National Accreditation Board being the mother Accrediting Body. Ambassadors has international recognition through affiliations with recognized universities and other vital institutions in USA, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. Currently, Ambassadors has staff strength of 25 including both academic and administrative staff.
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