Akamai Re-Establishes Educational Affiliation with International Foundation for Research into the Nature of Man [15. Feb. 2013 - 11:05]

Akamai University has recently signed a memorandum of understanding returning into association with the International Foundation for Research into the Nature of Man ---Institute of Medicine and Advanced Behavioral Technology---City of Juarez, Mexico.  Graduate programs are being finalized in the fields of Human Sexuality and Addictionology, to be instructed in the Spanish language for Mexico and Central and South America, both leading to licensing in Mexico. In the front row, fifth from left is Dr. Sergio Rueda, IFRNM Chairman, and seventh from left is Dr. Stanley Krippner, Senior IFRNM Advisor and longstanding member of the senior faculty at Akamai University.

Akamai history shows that our commencement exercise held in Juarez, Mexico on June 12, 2004 was an outstanding success.  Seven Master’s students who had completed Akamai’s Human Sexuality and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy Program received honors before an audience of more than 100 attendees, family members, friends, students, faculty members and honored guests. Subsequently, many of these graduates were admitted to licensing in Mexico. 

The prospective affiliate graduate programs in Addictionology are approved for licensing by the Mexican Certification Board for Addictions, Alcoholism and Tobacco.  The Human Sexuality Program, likewise, is accredited by the Department of Education in Mexico.  These programs are also respected by the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium.

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